Free AFQT Test Practice – Improve Your AFQT Score

The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) is a component of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) that assesses candidates for placement into various military jobs across all branches of Armed Services. The AFQT consists of four sections that are part of the ASVAB test. This site contains an AFQT practice test, with sample questions from each of these four sections.

  1. Word Knowledge
  2. Paragraph Comprehension
  3. Arithmetic Reasoning
  4. Mathematics Knowledge

The AFQT is not a separate test but is the collection of scores from these four ASVAB subtests. Due to the fact that the AFQT scores determine the eligibility for enlistment into the military, it is important to score as well as possible. This site is designed to provide candidates that are taking the ASVAB with additional opportunities to practice questions in preparation for the types of questions they will receive within the official AFQT test sections. We provide sample practice questions across all four sections, including a score at the end of the practice exam so you can check your performance.

Minimum AFQT Scores

The results of the AFQT are utilized to assess which branch of the military that a candidate is eligible for.  Each branch of the armed services has a minimum score for eligibility. These minimum test scores are:

  • Air Force: 36
  • Army: 31
  • Marines: 32
  • Coast Guard: 40
  • Navy: 35

Additional Related Tests

While the practice tests on this site are certainly helpful in preparing for either version of the ASVAB test (computerized or pencil and paper), there are a couple of other tests they may prove helpful for. First, the AFQT Predictor Test. What’s the AFQT Predictor Test? It’s a tool used by military recruiters that takes less than 20 minutes to help an applicant receive a rough estimate of what their AFQT score will be on the official test. 

This test includes questions from the four areas included in the AFQT test, word knowledge (WK), paragraph comprehension (PC), mathematics knowledge (MK) and arithmetic reasoning (AR). The test can be taken without any impact on the future ASVAB score, it’s just helpful for both an applicant and a recruiter to get an idea of how they will score and which potential military jobs may be available to them. If you are an applicant considering taking the AFQT predictor test, taking the practice tests on this site can help you become comfortable with the various question types to help improve your performance.

The other test this can prove helpful for is the PiCAT test. The PiCAT is to the ASVAB what the AFQT Predictor Test is to the AFQT test, it’s a pre-screening test used to vet applicants before taking the full ASVAB test. Recruiters use this tool before sending applicants to a military entrance test site. 

If you’d like to learn more about the ASVAB test or take sample tests for that full exam, follow this link to ASVAB practice test online.