While the Armed Forces Qualification Test is commonly referenced as the “AFQT Test” is, it is actually is not a test.  The AFQT is the result that a candidate scores on four specific sections of the ten ASVAB sections.  These sections are Word Knowledge, Mathematics Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, and Arithmetic Reasoning.  The scores from these sections determine overall enlistment eligibility into the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Army or Air Force.  AFQT scores are calculated as percentiles that are averaged out against a sample reference group of test takers.  There are six percentile categories of scores:

AFQT Category Percentile Score Range
I 93-99
II 65-92
IIIA 50-64
IIIB 31-49
IV 10-30
V 1-9

Each branch of the military has a minimum respective AFQT score that must be achieved to be eligible for enlistment in that specific branch.